How Do Mulching Sheets Help You Improve Harvest Yields in Crop Rotation?

Crop rotation is a century-old agricultural process of growing several crops in the same area over a number of seasons. This method in agriculture is followed to improve productivity, manage pests and diseases, and improve soil fertility.
For example, when you plant corn, after harvesting, you need to plant beans. This is practiced preventing nitrogen loss in the soil. Corn consumes more nitrogen, and beans return nitrogen to the soil so that the soil can absorb it better for the next harvest.
Let’s look deep into this blog to see how the VJ Material Mart mulching sheet helps you yield more in this crop rotation practice.
Mulching Sheets Improve Harvest Yields Crop Rotation

Why Is Crop Rotation in Practice? Is A Crop Rotation Regulating a Crop Protection for Agriculture?

Crops in general require various nutrients and are vulnerable to multiple diseases and pests.
When you plant the same crop in the same field repeatedly over seasons, months, or years, it will need the same nutrients out of the soil. Also, when you plant the same crop, insects and pests will keep growing since they will have a constant supply of food.
In such a case, the yield you are expecting will decrease.
Effective crop rotation with VJ Material Mart’s mulching sheet, aids in restoring soil nutrients without the need for artificial fertiliser or pesticides.

VJ Material Mart Identifies a Few Benefits of Crop Rotation in Agriculture

  • Crop Rotation for Soil Health

Effective crop rotation helps maintain soil fertility by reducing nutrient depletion. Mulching sheets helps in covering the crops and promotes organic matter’s natural recycling in crop rotation cycles to optimize your harvest. VJ Material Mart’s mulching sheets supports in maintaining the basic structure of the soil and the microbiological diversity while preventing the loss of specific nutrients that are required by various crops at different times.

  • Pest and Disease Control
VJ Material Mart’s mulching sheets helps in crop rotation in organic farming to break up insects or pests’ life cycles and reduces their accumulation in the soil. Our mulching cover helps some crops that have the ability to naturally suppress pests and prevent their growth. Identifying the right crop rotation cycle and using quality mulching sheet like VJ Material Mart’s, can benefit your harvest by improving the yield.
  • Weed Control
Disrupting weed’s growth cycles with VJ Material Mart’s mulching sheets by rotational crop diversity helps in the management of weed growth. Certain crops such as cover crops or deep-rooted plants can actively restrict weed growth.
  • Improved Yield

Effective crop rotation results in higher crop yields by maximizing nutrient supply and lowering insect populations. Using VJ Material Mart’s quality mulching sheets balances nutrient cycle and helps crops to retain more water by reducing water evaporation, which promotes their growth and strength.

How To Plan Your Crop Rotation Practice with VJ Material Mart’s Mulching Sheets

1. Text Your Soil Health and Fertility
Perform a soil test to determine the PH, organic matter content, and nutrient levels in the soil. Analyze the structure, drainage, and texture of the soil. Consider previous crop yields with pest, disease, or weed problems.
2. Choose Compatible Crops
Identify crops that are suitable for your soil type, climate, water resources, crop families, and also the market demand.
3. Plan Your Rotational Timing
Plan a crop rotation sequence to maintain soil quality, nutrients, crops’ growth cycles, crop rooting conditions, and nutrient requirements.
4. Prepare Your Soil

Remove weeds, lubricate the soil, structure drainage, and lay a good quality mulching sheet from VJ Material Mart.

5. Use Cover Crops
Identify crops that suppress weed growth, maintain soil conditions, fix soil nutrients, pest management, and reduce soil erosion.
6. Monitor And Maintain 
Monitor your crops for water consumption, pest attacks, crop diseases, nutrient deficiencies, and check mulch sheets for damage by insects and other animals around.

VJ Material Mart’s Mulching Sheet Types and Benefits

Mulching (covering) the soil is a practical way of crop protection to enhance the soil conditions for better harvest and crop yields with better plant growth and development. Mulching sheets are utilized in farming like vegetables, fruits, flowers, and food grains. When you use a good quality mulching sheet from VJ Material Mart, the crop quality is significantly higher and also a higher yield. Our mulching sheets prevents the direct evaporation of soil moisture, reduces water loss and prevents soil erosion.

  • We are a leading mulching sheet manufacturer in Tamil Nadu, we have mulching sheets variations of 17,20,25,30 microns with sizes 1m and 1.2m.
  • VJ Material Mart’s polyethylene mulching sheets supports in preserving the moisture for several days, allows a much longer interval between irrigations.
  • Our polyethylene mulching sheets are manufactured at your affordable cost per acre. We use a black layer on one side and a silver layer on the other to prevent sunlight penetration. So, it stops weed growth. A waterproof silver layer help to resist UV rays, tears, and shrinkage.
  • VJ Material Mart’s polyethylene mulching sheets are suitable for crops like Chillies, Muskmelon, Tomato, Banana, Potato, Strawberry and much more.
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