What is a Geomembrane and What is it Used For?

Usage of Geomembranes

Geomembranes are made from Geosynthetic material that consists of thin polymer sheets. Geomembranes form a waterproof barrier that prevents the environment from getting affected by the leakage of harmful chemicals. Additionally, it is utilized by irrigation storage as containment barriers to prevent leakage. Also, it is used with other geosynthetic products to manage fluid and provide containment for projects such as sewage treatment, canal construction and data mining. In this blog, VJ Tarpaulin explains about the applications of Geomembranes.

Applications of Geomembranes

VJ Tarpaulins has explained about various sheets and their functionalities in real time applications. Here in this blog, we have explained about Geomembranes and their functionalities. You can notice the applications of Geomembranes are growing day by day in different industries due to various products such as transportation, water treatment, civil, marine and mining. Below are the applications provided:

i) Water Industry

HDPE Geomembranes plays an important role in delivering clean water. They are used in services relevant to drinking water, wastage water and sewage treatment. Groundwater contamination can be avoided by sealing canals, reservoirs, and dams with Geomembrane liners.
Geomembrane is also used to protect against contamination of soil water and other pollutants and prevent loss of water through water infiltration to the soil surrounding the environment. A canal or a dam can be lined with VJ Tarpaulins’ Geomembranes that minimize flow that minimizes the discharge hence enhancing the storage and transportation. These Geomembranes can also be used as secondary containment for underground storage tanks and ponds.
ii) Marine Construction

We would like to determine that our HDPE Geomembranes are widely used in marine industries, especially in constructing floating ducks or pontoon platforms. During the construction process, HDPE Geomembrane is covered around the pontoon’s floatation foam that provides a protective barricade. This leads to an increase in the product’s durability. The foam is being protected from being damaged by marine life, other water contaminants, and other environmental forces.

What Is Geomembrane

Types of Geomembranes

VJ Tarpaulin’s provide you with several types of Geomembranes and their usage.
PVC Geomembrane
PVC Geomembrane is a waterproofing material covered with stabilizers and vinyl. This type of Geomembrane is tear and puncture resistant. It is preferred for Canal constructions, Soil remediation, wastewater liners, and tank linings. It prevents from entering water resources.
TRP Geomembrane
We provide TRP (Reinforced Polyethylene) Geomembrane uses fabric for containing industrial waste applications. Because of its chemical resistance and ultraviolet stability, Our Geomembranes’ can be the best choice for landfills and agricultural applications.
HDPE Geomembrane
High Density Polyethylene Geomembrane is UV-temperature resistant, cheap material cost, durability and high chemical resistance. It is well known for its thickness which other geomembranes don’t. It is the preferred choice for ponds, reservoirs, and canal projects.

Benefits of Geomembranes

VJ tarpaulins lists out the several benefits of Geomembranes. Take look into the benefits:
  • Supply positive water containment
  • Helps in maintaining the water quality
  • Allows to control soil erosion
  • Reduces the maintenance cost
  • Lowers the risk of diseases
  • Handles removal of waste
  • Protects the loss of dissolved oxygen
  • Improves the turnaround time between corps and environment

Look into the Highlights of VJ Tarpaulins Geomembranes?

In General, during installation of Geomembranes wrinkles occur which can lead to costly damage. VJ Tarpaulins looks deep into the root cause and finds the solutions

How does Geomembrane Wrinkle Occur?

Geomembrane wrinkles occur when the air gets trapped below during installation. This air expands and pushes Geomembrane into wrinkle. In other case, the arrival of Geomembranes from factory with crease will show themselves into wrinkles.
Solutions We Determine
VJ Tarpaulins provide the key solutions by choosing a high-quality Geomembrane with good fabric. Geomembranes with high-quality fabric are less open to wrinkles.
Actually, it depends on knowing the details of the Geomembranes manufacturer. Because there may be differences found during production and manufacturing. You can consider an example where Geomembranes manufactured without camber can be less likely to wrinkle. Excluding the camber depends on the winding of Geomembranes manufacturer.

Precautions that we Consider

Including Reinforced Geomembranes
We prefer Geomembranes with fabric reinforcement that provides stability during manufacturing and installation.
Precautions for Environmental Conditions in Field
To install panels when the temperature is high at night or morning. IAGI association has developed guidelines to address this issue.
During fabrication and deployment, temperature causes thermal expansions on Geomembranes before installations.

VJ Tarpaulins has provided you several information about Geomembranes and how to handle the challenges. At the end of the day, proper manufacturing and fabrication enables to avoid wrinkle formation during Geomembrane installation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Geomembranes are waterproof sheets made of polymeric material that are used to secure landfills and ensure containment of wastes.
Geomembranes are being utilized in Environmental, Hydraulic transportation and waste industry. When there is need of larger membranes, they are melted together for strength.
Geomembrane are classified into three types as PVC, TRP and HDPE.
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