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An effective method for improving soil and ground conditions for plant growth, development, and crop yields is to mulch (cover) the soil. The crop quality is far superior, and the yield is much higher when mulching is used in producing vegetables, fruits, flowers, and food grains. It prevents direct soil moisture evaporation, limiting water losses and soil erosion. 

  • As a leading Mulching Sheet Manufacturers in Tamilnadu, we produce the mulching sheets with variations of 17,20,25,30 microns with sizes 1m and 1.2m. 
  • Additionally, this polyethylene mulching sheets preserve the moisture for several days, allowing a longer interval between irrigations.
  • Our polyethylene mulching sheets are coming with affordable cost per acre. Because it consists of a black layer on one side and a silver layer on the other where sunlight does not penetrate the black layer, so it stops weed growth and a waterproof silver layer that resists UV rays, tears, and shrinkage.
  • Our Polyethylene mulching sheets are suitable for: Chillies, Muskmelon, Tomato, Banana, Potato, Strawberry and more.

Types Of Brands Available

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Upto 1-Year UV Warranty*

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Locations We Deliver

Specification of VJ Material Mart’s Mulching Sheet

Thickness Variations
  • 17 Microns
  • 20 Microns
  • 25 Microns
  • 30 Microns
Width Variations
  • 1 Meter
  • 1.5 Meter
Length Variations
  • 400 Meter


  • Our Polyethylene Mulching Sheets Prevent weeds from Sprouting
  • 100% Water-resistant
  • Prevents Soil Moisture Evaporation
  • Prevents Salty water from rising.
  • Assists in fertilizer placement
  • Prevents Leaching/ Nutrient loss.
  • Defend soil pathogens
  • Repel certain insects
  • Nematodes are less prevalent
  • Early Germination

Properties Comparison Table

Name Gajawrap 120 Gajawrap 180 Gajawrap 200


120 180 200


150 200 225

Tear Strength

50 KGF 75 KGF 80 KGF


3 Layer 3 Layer 3 Layer

Materials Used

HDPE Woven Fabric and Laminated with LLDPE and LDPE HDPE Woven Fabric and Laminated with LLDPE and LDPE HDPE Woven Fabric and Laminated with LLDPE and LDPE


3 layer Matte Finish 3 layer Matte Finish 3 layer Matte Finish


Poultry Screens Hay cover, Poultry screens, Yard cover, brick cover Hay cover, brick cover

UV Exposure

12 Months 12-18 Months 12-18 Months

UV Stabilisers

3% 5% 5%




Agricultural areas


Greenhouse cultivation


Rainfed areas


Soil solarisation


High-value crops cultivation


And More

Frequently Asked Questions

You can either call directly or visit our store to explore our polyethylene mulching sheets per your requirements. We can ship to you all over India. 
Yes, we can deliver to you all over the Country. Since we have tie-ups with leading logistics partners, we can provide you with the desired time. 
It’s up to you! As a leading Mulching Sheet Manufacturers in Tamilnadu, at VJ Materials Mart, you can even get one piece or 100 or above as per your requirement. 
We have logistics partners across India to deliver to you. So, wherever you are in India, you can get your products with a single click!  
As a leading Mulching Sheet Manufacturers in Tamilnadu, we don’t compromise on quality, regardless of quantity. We offer the Best Polyethylene Mulching Sheets with ISI-certified quality in the required quantity.  

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