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The purpose of LDPE tarpaulin sheeting is mainly to protect from harsh weather conditions. As a best LDPE Tarpaulin manufacturer in Tamilnadu, we offer top-of-the-line LDPE tarpaulins to our customers made primarily from reprocessed LDPE granules made from recycled industrial byproducts. VJ Tarpaulins, one of the leading LDPE Manufacturer in Tamilnadu offers LDPE tarpaulins in standard thicknesses of 200-, 250-, 300-, and 350 microns and sheets of 100-1000 microns.

  • As an alternative to cross-laminated LLDPE tarpaulins, LDPE tarpaulins are cheaper.
  • The longer life of our LDPE tarpaulins under UV exposure makes them far more durable than HDPE and PVC tarpaulins.
  • LDPE tarpaulins are primarily used for drying yards in coconut mills and brick manufacturers for brick coverings as a cost-effective alternative to concrete flooring in coconut mills and coir pith mills.
  • We have two types of LDPE tarpaulins that are 18′ and 24′ rolls.

Types of Tarpaulin Brands Available

Why Choose Our Best LDPE Tarpaulin Sheet?

Hdpe Tarpaulin Features

Specifications Of LDPE Tarpaulins? ​

Thickness Variations

  • 120 Microns
  • 180 Microns
  • 200 Microns
  • 225 Microns
  • 250 Microns
  • 300 Microns
Name Gajawrap 120 Gajawrap 180 Gajawrap 200
Tear Strength
50 KGF
75 KGF
80 KGF
3 Layer
3 Layer
3 Layer
Materials Used
HDPE Woven Fabric and Laminated with LLDPE and LDPE
HDPE Woven Fabric and Laminated with LLDPE and LDPE
HDPE Woven Fabric and Laminated with LLDPE and LDPE
3 layer Matte Finish
3 layer Matte Finish
3 layer Matte Finish
Poultry Screens
Hay cover, Poultry screens, Yard cover, brick cover
Hay cover, brick cover
UV Exposure
12 Months
12-18 Months
12-18 Months
UV Stabilisers

Features of our HDPE Fabricated Laminated Tarpaulin

Applications of Ldpe Tarpaulin


Frequently Asked Questions

You can either call directly or visit our store to explore our LDPE tarpaulins and other Tarpaulins per your requirements. We can ship to you all over India. 

Yes, we can deliver to you all over the Country. Since we have tie-ups with leading logistics partners, we can provide you with the desired time. 

It’s up to you! As a leading LDPE Tarpaulin manufacturer in Tamilnadu, at VJ Tarpaulins, you can even get one piece or 100 or above as per your requirement. 

We have logistics partners across India to deliver to you. So, wherever you are in India, you can get your products with a single click!  

As a leading LDPE Tarpaulin manufacturer in Tamilnadu, we don’t compromise on quality, regardless of quantity. We offer the Best LDPE Tarpaulin with ISI-certified quality in the required quantity.  

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