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Poultry farming is a form of animal husbandry, where birds are raised domestically or commercially, primarily for meat and eggs but also for feathers. Like in farming, tarpaulins are also used in poultry for growing chickens.
Continue to read the blog further to get a clear insight into the applications and benefits of using tarpaulins in poultry.
Applications of Tarpaulin in Poultry

Properties of Poultry Tarpaulin

The tarpaulins that are used in poultry should possess some inevitable qualities such as
  • 100% Virgin Polymer
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Multilayered & Cross-laminated
  • Light-weight, yet tough
  • UV Stabilized
  • Strong & Durable
  • Stronger Joints
  • Low Maintenance
  • Improved Strength & Long-lasting Usage
  • Toxic-free

Applications of Tarpaulin in Poultry

1. Poultry Screens

Multi-layered, cross-laminated, UV-stabilized plastic film is used to make the tarpaulin covers for chicken coops.

They use them to construct covers because the textiles are completely waterproof and dustproof. It can last for a very long time thanks to its purity and UV stability.

The birds are shielded from severe weather and environmental factors with poultry curtains.

2. Extra Protection

Winter weather can be unpleasant, and moisture in the poultry might be the best environment for bacteria to grow. Simply utilizing a tarp to keep dew from accumulating on the coop, like stockpile covers, will stop this from happening and gives extra protection to the poultry.

3. Easy to Handle

A tarp is a useful tool to have while you’re working on a small piece of work like poultry. There is always a chance to make a mistake and end up with a wall in the poultry that is broken.

The hole needs to be covered before beginning to patch it, and a tarp is an ideal item for the job. And it is also very convenient to change or remove tarps if something is wrong.

4. Additional Uses

Tarpaulins can be used to cover poultry equipment and also other tools in addition to covering hay sheds and livestock. Sometimes, it can be trapped with a lot of tools collecting rainwater when it suddenly starts to rain.

Covering them up with a tarp fast will protect them and also it can also be used to cover poultry feeds.

5. Add Elegance

On its own, typical wood poultry might be somewhat unappealing and not safe too.

It is not the most attractive construction, even if you have the best poultry supplies or the best chickens.

However, it might look really nice and safe indeed if the tarpaulin is used. Additionally, using the appropriate color could help retain heat on chilly days.

6. Provides Ventilation

Birds cannot sweat, thus they expel excess heat by breathing, vigorously flapping their wings, and panting so ventilation is important for poultry.

Ventilation promotes comfort and well-being by removing excess heat and humidity from the shelters where the chickens are kept.

The health and output of the hens might be impacted by good ventilation.

Even while fresh air is essential, there are times when its quality can be contaminated by outside factors like dust, infections that are carried in the air, or pollutants that can cause illness.

Therefore, to match the required ventilation in a poultry shelter, customized poultry curtains should be installed to manage air during hot or cold seasons.


We hope that the blog explained the applications and benefits of using tarpaulins in poultry in a clear way. It is important to select the appropriate tarpaulin of the right size or dimension, color, and quality for your poultry farms. If you’re thinking of buying tarpaulins for poultry, don’t forget to check out VJ tarpaulins.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. Tarpaulins are not dangerous to livestock or poultry if the appropriate one is selected. Select tarpaulins that are non-toxic.

Yellow tarpaulins are primarily used in poultry farming. It is mainly for controlling direct sunlight exposure and avoiding sunlight from negatively impacting chickens. Other than yellow, blue tarps are widely used in poultry.

For summer, lighter curtains can be utilized to let fresh air freely circulate inside the chicken coops. However, during the winter, curtains made of insulated cloth are appropriate.

Polyethylene (PE) and polyvinyl (PVC) are the most often utilized materials for poultry curtains since they meet most of the requirements that poultry needs.

They are made with excellent block-out materials that are specifically intended to restrict the amount of natural light entering the poultry shelters and guard chickens from extreme heat, cold, or rain.

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