How to Optimize Brick Production Through Faster Drying?


When it comes to tarps, we consider them a mere covering object. It is vitally used as a protective covering for long-distance transportation. A high-end protection system that shields under-construction areas, agricultural industries, and other massive fields. The changing weather conditions are the greatest obstacle to carrying out a successful business cycle. Several industries and sectors in Tamil Nadu and other southern parts of India have been adversely affected by rains and storms. Their tarpaulins are a reliable and durable guard against business mishaps. The brick production industry is one of the fastest-growing industries. It is a vital component that needs to be in proper condition to meet the construction industry’s demands. There were multiple categories of tarpaulins available in a wide range of sizes to suit various industrial purposes. VJ Tarpaulin is one of them and one of the leading tarpaulin manufacturers offering multi-purpose tarpaulins for business and farming use.

The purpose of Tarpaulins for Brick Cover

Tarpaulin is a durable, long-lasting sheet that covers and provides support until the bricks are prepared for loading. However, brick is one of the oldest and most durable materials. A tarpaulin is required at every stage of its preparation, which benefits the brick manufacturing industry. To prepare the soil for brick making, the first step consists of carefully removing dirt and impurities from the soil and storing them in tarpaulin covers for later collection. Ash and coal are also used as components to produce strong, durable, and top-quality bricks. Tarpaulins for brick kilns provide vital support throughout the brick manufacturing process.
How To Optimize Brick Production Faster Drying

In addition, as a pioneer in this industry, VJ tarpaulin highly recommends plastic multi-layer tarpaulins for brick preparation and other industrial applications. Low-grade, light-weight tarpaulins are easily torn and cannot protect heavy bricks. “Ground molding”, is one of the common processes followed in the small brick manufacturing industries in India. At this stage, both soil and water are mixed and fixed into wooden rectangular boxes to get the right shape. This clay started to dry after it got a lot of sunlight. In southern parts of the country, plastic multi-layer tarpaulins are used for brick preparation to protect the semi-clay stage.

How to Choose the Right Tarpaulins for Brick Kilns

Several brick manufacturing industries operate in South India, mostly with manual labor. A massive furnace is used to burn the bricks to make them more durable so that they can withstand the elements. Many plastics multi-layer tarpaulins are bought by South brick kiln industries during monsoon season to cover bricks during heavy rains and storms to protect well-conditioned bricks. You can buy multiple tarpaulins on the market, each of which seems posh and can be confusing to choose from. Here is VJ Tarpaulin’s checklist for selecting the right choice of tarps.

Cross-Laminated Tarpaulin

Cross-laminated tarpaulins are high-density polyethylene (HDPE) interlayered between two layers of low-density polyethylene (LDPE) laminated with woven fabric on both sides (lamination + fabric + lamination). Extremely strong coextruded cross-lamination is tough and stands with agility. Due to its strong tensile strength and balanced tear resistance in multiple directions, it lends itself well to the brick kiln manufacturing process.

HDPE Tarpaulins

HDPE Tarpaulins from VJ Materials Mart are made with high-density polyethylene fabric laminated with light-density polyethylene materials. HDPE raw materials are virgin raw materials, UV masterbatches, and color masterbatches of the best consistent quality, durable, waterproof, and UV resistant. HDPE laminated tarpaulins are known for their strength and longevity, making them the ideal choice for the brick manufacturing industry.

Multi-layer Tarpaulin for Bricklin

Multi-layer tarpaulin is VJ Tarpaulin’s best-selling tarpaulin category. Multi-layer tarpaulins are made up of several layers of plastic sheets that stand against both hot, cold, and all sorts of weather conditions. This is a better alternative and replaces the usage of HDPE fabrics and other polyethylene tarpaulin sheets used for brick covering.
While Choosing This Tarpaulin, Check Out the Following Checklist:
UV Warranty (Minimum 1 Year)
Stick with the Customized Size of Tarpaulins
Do Not Forget to Buy Directly from the Manufacturer
Ensure Fast Delivery Is Available
Check Out the GSM, Thickness, Tear Strength
Count the Number of Layers Made Up of the Tarpaulin
UV Exposure and UV Stabilizers Must Be Calculated According to Industry Needs.

Tarpaulins for Brickklin Help at All Stages of Manufacturing

Indian brick manufacturing requires a great deal of manpower to produce quality bricks needed in construction. To cover clay soil, choosing the right tarpaulin is essential. This will keep the bricks dry against rain and provide protection until delivery. Tarpaulin is the most practical choice to safeguard the complete process of brick manufacturing. Plastic multi-layer tarpaulins are the preferred choice for brick manufacturing. For this reason, multiple tarpaulin sellers deal with cozy imported types of tarpaulins at a higher cost.

VJ tarpaulins are abundantly available in the brick-covered tarp category. Customizable, durable, ISI-certified tarpaulins are sold all over India. We guide you to choose the best tarpaulin for your industrial purpose. With world-class technology, we manufacture top-grade brick-covering tarpaulins. Now is the time to invest in your brick-covering tarpaulin and improve your production!

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