Tarpaulin Covers at Outdoor Activities

A flexible large sheet of waterproof fabric material coated with waterproof, or polythene is known as tarpaulin covers that serves as a shelter. During rainy seasons, if we go for a camp trip, we can drape our tent with tarpaulin. Tarpaulins are shortly referred to as tarps.
Many types of tarpaulin covers are designed for various purposes. Below we can see how tarpaulin covers are categorized, their usage, and benefits.

HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) Tarpaulin

HDPE tarpaulin is made up of raw materials and high quality ultraviolet masterbatches. It is commonly used for trucks and construction sites, poultry curtains, and more.
LDPE (Low-Density Polyethylene) Tarpaulin
LDPE tarpaulin covers are used to protect products from getting damaged by water. It is designed in a way to sustain harsh conditions of weather.
Multilayer Tarpaulin

A multilayer tarpaulin is the process of overlapping several plastic layers. Its quality is always considered high and provides an extra layer of protection for products.

Cross-Laminated Tarpaulin

In between two layers of HDPE and LDPE tarps fabricated woven is laminated. This technology is suitable for manufacturing endustry and resistance to tear situations.
PVC Coated Tarpaulin
PVC tarpaulin comprises of 100% polythene base, PVC on both base. It is cold-resistant, durable, waterproof and stable.
Cotton Canvas Tarpaulins
Cotton canvas tarpaulin comprises of 100% pure cotton single fabricated and used in industrial and transportation industries.
Tarpaulin Covers for Outdoor Activities

Outdoor Benefits of Tarpaulin Cover

Let us see different outdoor activities where tarpaulin benefits in usage.
1. Covers Outdoor Furniture and Equipment
Tarpaulin sheets are the best choice to cover outdoor furniture and elements. In case we need to store our equipments or furniture in a shed, we must cover them with tarp sheets to keep them clean and rid of dirt. We can choose the suitable color that matches our outdoor decor. These sheets also help in covering boats while they’re not in use.
2. Create Temporary Tents and Shelters
If we are planning for a camping trip, or there is a necessity of temporary shelter in case of emergency or an outdoor event, tarpaulin tents come as the first choice. The only thing needed is trees to tie the tarp tent.
Since it is light weight, it is easy to carry in hand for transportation. We can just fold and use it when needed. Additionally, we may also use it for any wedding or celebration events. If we need to organize a party, we can provide shelter for guests as a matter of relaxation.
3. Build a Slip and Slide
If we want to play a fun activity with kids or family during a trip, we need tarpaulin sheet, hose, and soap. We must wet it with a hose and make it slippery using soap. We can use it for hours to have fun with kids playing slip and slide. Apart from this, we can use tarp sheets, water balloon fights and other outdoor activities.
4. Protecting Floors During Renovation
When we need to renovate our home or office, we can use tarpaulin sheets to cover our floors or carpets. In that case we may just lay a tarpaulin sheet on the floors to prevent them from scratches and food spills. This applies to the case of painting also. If the sheet becomes dirt, we can just clean them by wiping them down with a cloth and dry it.
5. Cover Firewood and Storage
If we are carrying any firewood equipment, covering, and storing them in a tarpaulin sheet makes it safe and dry. They also serve as covering for hot tubs and pools during unfair seasons.
6. Create a Waterproof Picnic Blanket
If we are going for a picnic, we can just lay down the sheet in addition to pillows for comfortable seating. In addition to this, tarp sheets also helps during outdoor concerts.
7. Installing Outdoor Arts
In the hands of an artist, sheets can be painted and shaped for creating benches, chairs, and table elements.
8. Used for Agriculture and Gardening
A farmer or gardener can use tarpaulin sheets to protect gardens and crops from pests.

Manufactures of Waterproof Tarpaulin Products

VJ serves as one the best manufacturers of heavy-duty waterproof tarpaulin products. They are made up of lamination of HDPE and LDPE on two sides of tarpaulins. They can be made up of diverse colors with plain weave designs and support truck transportation industries. It can be easily customized based on the customers’ requirements.

Here in VJ material marts we offer various brands of plastic fabricated readymade tarpaulins for rough use.
A tarp is a handy product which is used to protect valuable items from rain, dust, ultraviolet rays, and other challenging situations. VJ material mart manufactures and supplies waterproof tarpaulins. Customization is done based on the customer’s needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Use of a Tarpaulin Cover?

The main purpose of tarpaulin cover is to provide protection against rain, dust, moisture, equipment, and from other difficult situations.

Which Color Tarpaulin Is Best for Usage?

Black absorbs heat. White color tarpaulin is used to reflect the sunlight. Similarly light colors can be chosen for freezing conditions.

What Are the Several Types of Tarpaulin Covers?

HDPE and LDPE cover, PVC coated cover, multilayer cover, canvas cover and cross-laminated cover.
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