Rooftop Farming – Best Solution for Urban Agriculture

Due to the rise in food demand (especially green vegetables and fruits) for urban occupants. The most advanced and efficient type of farming supplies healthy food production and progress in the food security of urban people. VJ Materials Mart discusses how Rooftop Farming helps to grow food. It improves the urban environment by reducing pollution and gives rise to greenery.
Rooftop Farming is a suitable option for Urban agriculture. It plays an important role in managing the urban environment and enhancing the quality of air with organic and fertilizer free production. In this blog, VJ Materials Mart has provided insights about the rise and advantages of Rooftop Farming.
Why Rooftop Farming Is Best Solution For Smart Urban Agriculture

Benefits of Rooftop Farming

Rooftop farms helps to provide several benefits such as:

  • Enhances urban landscape. You can cultivate crops like lettuce, arugula and others. These Rooftop farms make the cities greener. According to statistics, exposure to nature and vegetation enhances productivity.
  • Rooftop Farms help cool buildings and reduce carbon emissions. By growing food in the communities they serve, Rooftop Farming reduces the environmental impact of food transportation.
  • Rooftop Farming increases the availability of real and healthy food.
In addition, VJ Materials Mart mentions different benefits of Urban Agriculture below:
Rainwater Retention
Based on the mediums you use, agricultural units on urban roofs retain up to 90% of rainwater which increases crop production and growth. This avoids the need for manual watering or self-watering systems.
Minimizing the Chance of Pests
Since Agriculture has evolved, Pests have been continuous challenge for crop cultivators. Rooftop plants will be inaccessible to larger urban animals like rubber, or deer. Additionally, as far as limiting insects with your urban rooftop crops is concerned, the health of your soil must be strengthened.
Improved Air Quality
Rooftop Gardens give the reduction and filtration of polluted air particles and gases through deposition in the growing space. Green roofs must reduce airborne dust. It also results in Greenhouse gas emissions in urban areas.
Effect of Urban Noise
VJ Materials Mart explains the effect of Urban Noise on growth of plants. You can find the difference in plant health between those grown with sound and those grown without sound. Survey determines that the Plant cultivation with sound has growth increase of 20% more than of Plant cultivated without sound.
Access to Sunlight
One of the significant advantages of Rooftop Farming is access to sunlight. Urban Rooftops are the best place to start with urban farms as the plants have maximum access to sunlight and this leads to an increase in production. Because of the extra sunlight exposure, Rooftop urban farms can provide season extension effect. This means you can start growing your crops a little earlier during spring and slightly longer at the end of autumn.
Increase Access to Healthy Food
Rooftop Farming enables people to access your fresh, affordable and nutritious food. Increased food growth minimizes the need for long distance transportation. This helps to produce healthier and tastier food locally.
Important Features of Rooftop Farming
VJ Materials Mart provides the essential elements of Urban Agriculture and its sustainability. It specifies how to address the challenges of Rooftop Farming and Urban Farming.
Space Limit
You can transform Rooftops into productive gardens making use of the available space. Also use containers such as pots and raised beds to cultivate crops on balcony.
Quality of the Soil
VJ Materials Mart suggests that if you are using natural soil, invest in soil testing to enhance the soil quality.
Efficient Energy
You may implement energy-efficient LED lights to provide necessary lights for plant growth. Also use wind turbines to support urban farms.
Engaging with Community
In the case of Urban Farming, you may conduct workshops to engage with the local community.
Access to Resources
Farmers can combine with urban farming networks to share knowledge and resources among them. You may also get financial incentives from agencies to fund Urban Agriculture.


VJ Materials Mart has discussed Rooftop Farming, its benefits and how it serves as the best solution for Urban Agriculture. If you are not clear about the connectivity between Rooftop Farming and Urban Agriculture, do visit the blog.
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