PVC Tarpaulin: How This Material used for Multiple Industries?

Today, tarpaulin is a vital material used every day. From farming to Army tents, truck covers, tents, banners, and container covers are made of tarps. There are a lot of industrial applications that require this sturdy material which can be used for shelter or protection. Are you looking for the best durable, waterproof and fire-proof tarpaulins for industrial purposes? If yes, knowing the types and importance is vital. VJ tarpaulins offer the complete details of tarpaulin varieties, and selection. Hope it’s time to dive into the topic of PVC tarpaulin, then stay tuned to our blog and improve your daily workday efficiency with heavy-duty PVC tarpaulin sheets.

PVC Tarpaulin Material

What is PVC Tarpaulin?

PVC tarpaulins is the general term used to describe the full form of polyvinyl chloride tarpaulins. These PVC-coated tarpaulins are renowned as a type of heavy-duty material due to the fabric coated with PVC (polyvinyl chloride) on one or both sides. They are made from high-strength polyester or PVC-coated nylon tarpaulin, delivering the qualities of weather resistance and versatility. PVC tarpaulins are widely used in various industries due to their wide range of applications and benefits. Today, heavy-duty PVC tarpaulins are designed with waterproof and flameproof features that attract many industrialists to buy them as a primary choice.

Special Features of PVC Tarpaulin

While choosing the PVC-coated nylon tarpaulin, the cutting-edge technology used for multi-purpose tarpaulin comes in the single form of heavy-duty PVC tarpaulin. PVC tarpaulin sizes and prices are totally depending the industrial application. Generally, each tarpaulin needs to meet the upcoming essential features. So, a single tarpaulin can be used for multi-purposes.

1.Waterproof Tarpaulins:

For outdoor usage, PVC tarpaulins are the primary choice because the fabric is made up of high resistance that stands against moisture. Protecting moisture is a vital and demanding quality of outdoor usage.

2.UV-resistant Quality:

Sunlight exposure is the primary reason for the tarpaulin ruining. Many materials will not stand against heat exposure. The PVC-coated tarpaulin is made up of resistance to UV rays; using these materials in direct sunlight will not affect and stay longer than the low-quality tarps.

3.Tear-resistant Feature:

The PVC-coated nylon tarpaulin material comes with a tear-resistant quality, ensuring it can withstand wear and tear. Farming and everyday industrial usage will continue for the yearly phase.

4.Flame-resistant Option:

PVC tarpaulin has high fire resistance too.That’s why it is preferred for construction and other industries that often work in an explosive environment. Making it safe for use in applications where fire safety is essential.


There is no doubt that PVC tarpaulins are durable and designed to last a long time. With proper maintenance, a durable PVC tarpaulin will last up to 10 years. Compared to normal tarpaulin sheet materials, PVC tarps come with the features of thicker and more robust materials. In addition to their strong internal mesh fabric,

Industrial Applications of PVC Tarpaulin:

PVC tarpaulins can cover all industrial usage by their required and excellent waterproofing properties. S making them an ideal choice for boats and shipping will be an excellent choice. They are ideal for outdoor applications where protection from rain, snow, and other environmental factors is for such industries. PVC-coated nylon tarpaulin also resists UV radiation, making it suitable for prolonged outdoor use without easy ruining or degradation of colour fading. PVC tarpaulins are also highly durable tear-resistant, and abrasion-resistant, making them capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions, heavy usage, and rough handling. Overall, it is a suitable and preferable material for heavy-machine handling industries.

Usage in Construction Industry:

Many construction industries and massive builders use this PVC-coated tarpaulin for their multiple working sections. The construction sites need to build temporary tents to store their materials. Moreover, the construction site covers will protect the scaffolding and recently constructed rooms or other parts from direct sunlight. As a strong, durable material, heavy-duty PVC tarpaulins protect your construction site against all weather conditions. Many recently constructed floors are protected with PVC tarpaulins to avoid damage.

Agriculture and Farming Industry:

PVC tarpaulins as a profitable choice for farmers and Indian gardeners for their various roles and applications. cover is an essential roofing tent for gardeners and nursery owners that protects the terrace plants and saplings against direct sunlight. Especially for farmers, PVC tarpaulin price is more affordable and, at the same time, used as an effective protection cover for grains and hay. These durable shelters protect the harvested crops from bugs and insects.Simply they are storage shelters.

Helping in Transportation and Logistics Industry:

Today, transportation and cargo services are vital for shipping goods and materials from one place to another. Due to the various climatic changes protecting the goods and covers is a challenging issue faced by the transport industry. However, the PVC coated tarpaulins carry the required features just as flame-resistant, waterproof material. Moreover, the inflammable waterproofin transportation resists the winds’ speed safe and secure transportation in mountain areas will be assured one. inflammable and tarpaulins from VJ Tarpaulins ensure safe cargo and without any falling off and timely delivery of transportation goods.

Using as Temporary Tents:

From the construction to the military camp, outdoor camping, and Exhibition shelters, pvctarpaulin prices are so affordable. In addition, the size availability in the tarpaulin market definitely meets your requirement without any PVC tarpaulin sizes and price considerations. PVC Tarpaulin prices are pocket-friendly when approaching the manufacturers instead of the middle dealers. VJ Tarpaulins is a leading manufacturer with the longest warranty, offering and durable HDPE tarpaulins. Get set to go with the tarpaulin revolution and improvise your industrial need with our top-grade tarpaulins

Water- Reservation Areas:

Pond liners are among the most demanding requirements for farming and fulfilling poultry needs. PVC tarpaulin was used to construct the bigger pond liners. Storing is the ultimate goal of our Indian agricultural activity; apart from the field process, PVC-coated tarpaulins are the best material for evaporation reduction and preventing water leakages. PVC tarpaulin can be used in agriculture to do such works as lining irrigation canals, creating water storage ponds, or covering crops to prevent evaporation and reduce water draining.

Benefits of Heavy-Duty PVC Tarpaulin Sheet:

PVC tarpaulin sheets are durable and versatile coverings made from synthetic plastic materials. They offer a wide range of benefits for multiple industries, including:

Waterproof and Weather Resistant:

Being a heavy-duty tarpaulin sheet, they are manufactured with highly waterproof. It helps the machine-making industries to use them as an ideal choice for goods and equipment from rain, snow, and other weather conditions.

Durability and Longevity:

PVC coated nylon tarpaulins are strong and durable. They are made of first-grade material that withstands rough handling, abrasion and wear and tear. These features make them suitable for heavy-duty applications and ensure heavy-duty services for years.


PVC coated nylon tarpaulin tarps are highly versatile and one material used for multipurpose. They are commonly used as tent covers, shipping covers, agricultural floor covers, temporary tents, Pond liners and more.

Easy to Clean and Maintain:

PVC tarps are easy to clean and maintain. The users can easily wipe clean with a simple cloth or wash with water and mild soap oils. Proper maintenance is essential for regular usage and maintaining optimal conditions.


PVC tarps are cost-effective for covering and protecting goods and equipment. On the other hand, PVC tarpaulin sizes and prices do not exceed your planned budget frame. Compared to the Vinyl, Canvas this heavy-duty heavy-duty pvc tarpaulin sheet is a popular choice.


Nylon tarpaulins with PVC coatings are recyclable and can be reused for other purposes, making them eco-friendly. Also, they resist moistures, and mildew, so cleaning and maintenance can be done without the use of harmful chemicals.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a PVC coated Tarpaulin?

PVC coated nylon tarpaulin is made of high-strength polyester coated with polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and other essential chemical additives. Taking cutting-edge technology and long dip coating methods will ensure a durable, heavy-duty pvc tarpaulin sheet.

How Long Does PVC Tarpaulin Last?

Heavy-duty PVC tarpaulin sheets are typically made from polyethene, polypropylene, or polyvinyl chloride. These chemical materials are known for their waterproof properties and durability. They should last 2 to 5 years and cope with tough Indian outdoor conditions. However, good maintenance is also a primary factor in PVC coated Tarpaulin sheets.

What are the Features to Consider when Buying a PVC Coated Nylon Tarpaulin?

Once you are ready to purchase a heavy-duty PVC Tarpaulin sheet, PVC water-resistance, strength, Flame-resistance, corrosion resistance, and abrasion resistance, some features may be omitted depending on your daily usage or industrial application.

What is the Price of PVC Coated Tarpaulin?

A basic PVC coated nylon tarpaulin sheet is available at RS.16.50 per Square foot. However, as per the industrial purpose, customization and consideration of PVC tarpaulin sizes and prices vary. VJ Tarpaulin is the leading tarpaulin manufacturer and provides durable Tarpaulin all over India. Book your Tarpaulin today at the lowest price.

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